. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Latest Updates: . . . 10/18/2011: . .Photos - 1999 Chryslers at Carlisle event; assumed lost have been found!. . . . . . . 10/15/2011: . . Super nice day at Deale, MD and North Beach (Chesapeake Bay) . . . . . . 10/1/2011:: . . Another MOPAR photograph 1966 Plymouth. . . . . . . 9/29/2011: . . The 2011 Harley-Davidson Motor Company Operations Open House, York, PA . . . (see below) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Photos - Civil War Wax Museum Gettysburg, PA . . . . . . . . . . . 9/12/2011: Puzzle pages , with images of solved puzzles. Have you solved any of the puzzles below? Rattlerig.com would like to get images of the solved puzzles. . . . . . . . . .

MegaMillions record jackpot, of over $600 Million is now over (3-30-2012) . . Photos from: Progressive's International Motorcycle Show January 13 - 15, 2012!Loveable cats and kittens doing cute things.

10-20-2011: Moammar Gadhafi has been killed, sending lots of Libyans on a party spree, through the streets. Recent News Headlines:. . 12-17-2013: Black high school kid suspended for hugging teacher. . . 11-23-2013: Black teen 'knockout game' against the decent whites is deadly and spreading. . . 11-22-2013: Chilling details released in white Teacher's murder back in October . . 11-18-2013: EXECUTION: Serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin is scheduled to die on Wednesday, in Missouri. . . 11-11-2013: Super Typhoon Haiyan Devastates Tacloban, Philippines . . 10-03-2013: Hilarious: Chinese government issues tourist manners guidelines. . . 10-01-2013: Las Vegas gambling legend, Archie Karas arrested. . . 8-21-2013 : 2 black teens beat WWII verteran to the point where his bleeding could not be stopped. . . 8-17-2013 : 3 Teens charged (one white, two black), in the murder of Australian student Chris Lane , in Oklahoma. . . 07-13-2013 : GEORGE ZIMMERMAN ACQUITTED ! . . 07/06/2013: Plane crash lands in San Francisco. . .6-7-2013: Bus crash kills 42; injures many others, in China. . . 6-2-2013: Actress Jean Stapleton of 70s sit-com "All In The Family", passes away. . . 5-2-2013: 5 year-old Kentucky boy shoots and kills 2 year-old sister. . . 4-21-2013: 23 Brazilian Police Officers sentenced for their part in a deadly riot dating back to 1992. . . 4-20-2013: Dzhokar Tsarniev, the younger of the two Waterfront, Boston terrorists has been caught. . . 4-18-2013: Cafe bombing in Iraq kills 27 and wounds at least 50 others. . . 4-15-2013: Flights are banned over marathon blast site. . . 4-15-2013 : 3 Liverpool teens and Mother of 2 of them sentenced for the murder of homeless man. . . 4-14-2013: More than 30 people killed in Peru bus crash. . . 4-13-2013: New Hampshire teen commits suicide with unsecured Glock pistol. . . 4-10-2013: 6-year-old who was shot by 4-year-old, dies in New Jersey , . . 4-8-2013: Margaret Thatcher. Britain's Prime Minister from 1979 - 1990, passes away after stroke. . . 3-31-2013 : 3 die when 95 cars pile up, in Virginia, near N. Carolina border. . .3-27-2013: Dead, adopted, Texas 3-year-old boy autopsied with many bruises . . 3-27-2013: 4 Year Old Boy found with Corpse in his New Jersey apartment. . . 3-27-2013: British man found guilty of murdering parents of 47 years. . . 3-22-2013 : Two black boys are suspected of shooting a Georgia baby in face. after failing to rob his Mother. . . 3-21-2013: Police search river for alleged suicide jumpers, in Missouri . . 3-21-2013 : Police chase ends in East Texas with 6 7 People killed. . . 3-18-2013 : The hull of grounded USA warship in the Philipines needs 6 days of good weather, before dismantling can begin. . . 3-17-2013: Small jet crashes into Indiana home, killing 2.. . 3-17-2013: Steubenville Teens convicted of rape. . . 3-16-2013 : Is it possible we are over-diagnosing mental illness? . . 3-15-2013 : 10 Things Teachers and Parents should know . . 3-15-2013 : Missing New Orleans Teacher is still missing. . . 3-14-2013 : Woman falls 8 stories to her death, while hanging onto her surviving baby, in Harlem. . . 3-13-2013 : Saudi Arabia beheads men for stealing. . . 3-13-2013: New Pope has been elected as millions watch The Holy Chimney . . . 3-13-2013: New virus: similar to SARS Claims Lives in the Middle-East. . . 3-12-2013: Baby Shot during diaper change, dies today. . . 3-5-2013: Controversial Venezuelan President: Hugo Chavez, 58, dies . . 3-2-2013: Flordia man meets untimely, unimagineable death . . 8-25-2012: Armstrong, the first man on the moon, has passed away. 5-4-2012: MCA, 47, of the Beastie Boys rock band has passed away due to cancer 4-11-2012: Charles Manson, age 77, inmate since 1969, has been denied parole. His next parole will be in 15 years. . . 3-28-2012: Blue Grass Legend Earl Scruggs passes away at age 88. . . 3-2-2012: At least 31 people killed during tornado in the Midwest, USA . . 2-28-2012: 22 Year-old Armored car driver kills partner and escapes with $2,000,000 . . 1-27-2012: 31 Shiites murdered in a funeral procession by suicide car bomber in Baghdad . .1-24-2012: . . 16th body discovered on Italian cruise ship! 1-17-2012: At least 5 more bodies found in the Italian cruise ship incident, bringing the death toll up to 11 (1 more body found on Monday, 1-16-2012) . . 1-13-2012: Costa Concordia, an Italian Cruise Ship, 3 times the size of Titanic, has run aground. 5 people confirmed dead . . 12-28-2011: Cheetah, the chimpanzee from the Tarzan series in the 1930s, sadly, has passed away. 12-21-2011: Heavy snow blankets the ground from the West up to North Texas . . 12-19-2011: . . Kim Jong II, North Korea's leader since 1994, has died. 12-6-2011: More killings: This time in Afghanistan. Why don't they just make a new country and name it "Attackistan", and mandate that all the people who want to commit and be victims of bombings and such, relocate there ? because they're sure not doing anything about peace over there. . . 12-5-2011 : . . Keppler 22-b, an "Earth-like" planet, has been confirmed about 600 light-years away. . . 12-1-2011: . . 20 People k i l l e d in Iraq, around veggie and fruit stand . . 11-30-2011: A New Jersey man, arrested in San Diego, is suspected of having thrown his 2 year old daughter off a bridge. . . 11-29-2011: Dr. Conrad Murray, personal doctor to former pop-star Michael Jackson has been sentenced to four years in a Los Angeles Jail. . . 11-29-2011 : . . Iranian Students in Terror-on invade British Embassy there, overturning tables, desks and probably other unspeakable behaviors. . . 11-17-2011: Mexican drug tunnel busted. 14 tons of marijuana discovered by police on both sides of the border . . . and that's not just something the cops pull out of the guy's back pocket, either. . . . . . . 11-16-2011: UK introduces the Toast Sandwich ! . . 11-16-2011: . Overcrowded Chinese School Bus collides with coal truck, resulting in deaths . . 11-15-2011: . . The Judge says for the NYC 'Occupy' protesters to leave. And I said: "Don't forget to pick up your dirty underwear!. Don't leave anything you brought with you. Empty deoderant cans, and used drug needles, etc." . . . . 11-11-11: Greece has officially sworn in a new leader . . . 11-10-2011: . Washington Nationals Baseball Catcher kidnapped in Venezuela! . . 11-9-2011: Papandreou hasn't officially resigned yet, and Greece is concerned that they've not found a new P.M.. Man, if I flew to Greece, the minute I stepped off the plane, I'd yell out "Vre tee yeenetai etho ! " (loosely translated: "hey what the ____ is going on here?") at the top of my lungs. . . 11-8-2011: Asteroid 2005 YU55 will pass very close to the earth - closer than the distance to the moon. . . 10-21-2011 : US Troops to leave Iraq by end of year
Want to read those and other BBC & CNN news stories? Click Here. . . . Between the BBC and CNN, it seems the BBC gives updates more promptly than CNN does!

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For All You Casino Craps Players:

I have just recently begun an experiment with an online Craps game. After 38 sessions, I noticed that I "made play money", that is without a single loss. Still not being convinced that one can make money gambling, I'm looking to place my Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet on here, for your reviews. I just need some clues as to how to do that. Email me at the address below, if you'd like to tell me how. Continual updates: wins AND losses, will be made.

Movies I recently watched:

Once a Jolly Swagman
Without giving too much away, this movie has some decent dirt track cycle action. An Australian youngster leaves his factory job to pursue flat track racing. I know I would, given the same circumstances. It seems back then, Australians smoked a lot. Every new scene, it seems someone's 'bogarting' a smoke - I mean WOW, As an ex-smoker myself, seeing these folks light up so much. . . Must be a motorcycle thing . . .

speaking of bikes . . .

My own 1983 Honda V65 Magna. I can't stop talking about this war horse. It's 27+ years old, and such an awesome bike.
I had been considering selling it for a long while. But the biker in me says "no, hold off". I sure would like to meet any member of the V65 project that was responsible for this work of insanity. They made a quality bike, that still hauls ____ to this day.
My SRT4 is no slouch either.

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Timid Bunny New Mexico I-40West duck (24 pc.)
Passenger window in flight Hurricaned Home
Big Bee New Mexico Horses Kitty Kat Kingman AZ Los Angeles Street Light

All puzzles were designed for 800 x 600 Windows Internet Explorer resolution mode.
Firefox users, I wish I could help, but it doesn't seem likely, unless you know otherwise.

Cute kitty photos featuring:
"Baby Cat"(2007), 4 kittens(2003), and

Feeding Time(2003)

Author of:


Also, an all white squirrel
Photographs of some Finches (birds) I had.
Also check out the all white squirrel about its business in the park.

OnLine Tutorials! My most visited page is kept interesting by visitors' comments and suggestions for new tutorials, which I regularly update.

Author and member.
A once thriving set of web pages, the 1979 Chrysler 300 Web page(s) will soon feature a guestbook, once again!
50 1979 Chrysler 300s from the across the USA and Canada are listed!

A Tour of:
The Harley-Davidson Factory
Final Assembly Plant, York, PA

2011 Open House updates

On 12/31/97, my Harley-Davidson factory tour page won the Pennsylvania Destination of the Day Award!
(unfortunately, their site has since changed, and the award is no longer official)
9/29/2011 - Open House time, once again! This year, I saw all kinds of new things in the factory. I also rode the 2012 Road King and Street Glide bikes.

Carlisle, PA
Summer, 2000
and Summer 2004
The annual Chryslers at Carlisle car show (Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals) is in PA. Photographs of a bunch of classic Chryslers, Dynamic Dodges and Powerful Plymouths:
You'll see a 1966 Hemi Satellite w/ 4-speed. A "Leave it to Beaver" era '60 Fury. There's even a Hurst 300. Or, how about a stock "Panther Pink" 340 Plymouth Duster. Ever seen a 1960 Dodge Phoenix?

Even More
Classic Chryslers!
More of your favotire classic MOPARs from a couple various shows since 2000.
Includes a 1970 Superbird, 1970 Challenger, how 'bout a 1966 Plymouth Barracuda with a blower? A white 1966 Hemi Plymouth Belvedeere II that belonged to a Detroit Cop-gone-bad, who allegedly moonlighted as a bank robber! Not enough? How about a 383 Dodge Dart GTS?

Ford Lincoln Show Some of the Classic Lincolns from 1937 show 12 cylinder engines!

A look at SCSI Some notes on SCSI Technology

Nevada Photos Nevada is awesome.
Of course you've heard of Las Vegas and Hoover Dam, but there are other places in NV, almost as fascinating.

Cross-country Photos
Continual updates
Road Trip Photos:
From Washington DC to Los Angeles
The desert Southwest makes for an awesome summer vacation.

Junk Mail
Or at least slow it down to a crawl, as much as possible !
Sick of having to grab a HUGE wad of unsolicited mail, envelopes, promotional CDs, postcards, catalogs and the like, out of your mailbox, each day ? So am I, but I've just about put a significant halt to the amount I used to get. See how I did it.

Mack Truck Plant A small town in Pennsylvania, known as Macungie, makes one tough diesel truck.

Exercise for the Eyes? It's been claimed for a hundred years, now,that there are some exercises that can improve one's vision.axmd706

Reading, Writing,
Web Pages
Why some web pages don't hold your attention, and how they should!

Tree Split during Storm This was once a healthy tree. Then, one day, during a summer storm in 1998, KAPOW!
Then, this tree has been around for a while. It has the wildest root system I've ever seen.

Misc. Photos:
miscellaneous photographs

A photo of a junked 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury (best guess), with a partially stripped big block engine with 4 barrel. This car was a 4 speed. Darn shame. LARGE photo.

A Plymouth Duster with a 426 Hemi engine?

1997 Chrysler Show - Here's a photo of a 1960 Dodge Custom Royal.

A balancing act: A 1967 Dodge Charger takes his try at the balancing act at this 1997 Chryslers at Carlisle show.

A 1968 Dodge Dart 383 at the '97 MOPAR show

A beautiful 1971 Dodge Charger with 440 Magnum engine and air grabber hood.

10/1/2011 - Picture this: You're on the way to the annual Harley-Davidson Open House event, and you see an older classic Plymouth on a trailer, pulled by an SUV, and you think, "oh cool, a MOPAR on its way to being restored" etc.etc. Then, you pull up along side it to get the real surprise. 1966 Plymouth

A late 60s GT500 Shelby Mustang

BMX stunt bicycle riders at a Circuit City Grand Opening (2) in West Virginia.

A bike (motorcycle) show for VTwins. This one(2) was just too unreal to pass up.

A cruise along a country road in July, 1997. This was in my 1979 Dodge Magnum I had kept for a while.

Rigid Fork Assembly - Where the rigid fork waits in line with others to be cleaned and chromed prior to being paired up with the spring assembly which will become a springer fork assembly for the Harley-Davidson Softail Springer models. See the Harley Factory Tour page above for lots more photos and info.

Take your time at the gas pump. Don't forget to re-place your fuel cap when you're done.
When you fill up, walk around your vehicle, kick the tires (maybe they're low), check out your vehicle before you get on the road. That's what truckers do. Have you ever seen a big truck with a single light bulb burned out? Right, RARELY. But cars? All the time. Examples of what NOT to do:
Photo1, Photo2

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